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Protecting Assets for Our Communities

Save your Assets Lifepan and Investment
Security Risk Control System
Realtime Attendance Record
Accessible and Secured Backup System
System Automation


Our company was formed to fix housing in communities. To improve the reporting and clear maintenance effectiveness of East Kimberley Communities condition of housing. Our capabilities include a large team of dedicated personnel driven to improve the maintenance and communication lines of residents to maintenance contractors. The software ensures compliance and scheduled works are completed on time and within budget.


Greatful working previously with many large organisations prior to forming this focused company to deliver services directly to end user. Local people caring about Local conditions and standards.

Asset Management

Conducts asset & data collection, asset condition management & asset inspections to provide transparency of up to date information to assist with decision making and preventative planning requirements.

Contractor Management

We ensures the systematic and reliable technology of all site compliance is maintained at all times. Accessable monitoring with automated system for each contractor attending on site at the click of the button via web and mobile phone. The service always provides an ease of compliance.

Security and Risk Management

Our qualified Security & Risk Managers can conduct on site inspections and assessments of risk in regard to physical security and compliance with Australian Standards. To help a flexibility to identify and report to a broader yet specialized capability and ensures an accurate reporting and compliance for the assets and personnel of your workplace.


Our qualified Auditor helps to conduct assessment of our client financial records, transactions, and internal controls to ensure an accurate, fair and reliable result.


Our dedicated Consultant were happy to share their experitise with trainings and plannings to achieve ultimate operational system in our clients company.

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Protecting Assets for Our Communities
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